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There are many kinds of USB flash drives. You should buy 2.0? Or 3? Or 3.1?

Time: 2019-12-05 10:34:45

Author: 深圳业恒电子有限公司


I believe that in addition to tuhao, many people will encounter two kinds of problems when they buy USB flash drives, one is the capacity problem, the other is the algebra problem of USB flash drives. Should they buy 2.0? Or 3? Or 3.1?

Capacity issues

If it's an ordinary user, there's not much in store. It's just a small file, and the frequency of use is not very much. So long as 16g or 32g is enough, after all, buying large is a waste.

If it is a student, because some courseware is relatively large, it needs 1 g or several g of capacity, and some files need to be stored for a certain time, then it is better to be at 32g or above, not only to meet the storage at that time, but also to spare a certain amount of storage.

If it's a business person, because of the high frequency of use and the large business documents, it's recommended to buy 128G and above. After all, sometimes there are more things saved, so it's necessary to consider when there are more.

Algebraic problems

Algebra problem. First of all, we need to check whether the commonly used equipment supports USB 3.0 interfaces (black is 2.0, blue is 3.0). If it does not support 3.0 interfaces, we can only buy USB 2.0 or buy 3.0 to enjoy 2.0 speed.

The different reading speeds of algebra are also very different. Now let's learn a little about it:

1. USB 2.0 interface USB disk

USB2.0 is actually the first U-disk (black interface) we used. This kind of U-disk is relatively slow to read (for now), and its transmission speed is about 15-30mb / s, which is very suitable for places where the computer system is installed and serves as a vehicle mounted U-disk and other places where the reading speed requirements are not high. After all, reading and writing speed is relatively slow, so the price is also very cheap.

2. USB 3.0 Interface USB disk

USB 3.0 has been increasing in recent three or four years (Blue interface, five pins at the bottom), and now it has been widely used. The read-write speed of this USB flash disk is much faster, and the maximum read speed can reach about 100MB / s, reducing the waiting time of large-scale file transmission, sharing and storage. It is very suitable for school students or people who often transfer large files.

3. USB 3.1 interface U disk

USB 3.1 is about 4 times faster than USB 3.0 in terms of reading and writing speed, but in fact, USB 3.1u disk can not play its due performance because the device interface generally only supports USB 3.0 transmission. But after all, the skinny camel is bigger than the horse, so the transmission speed can reach about 150MB / s, which is very suitable for business use.


In the above points, in addition to the usb3.1 that business people need high office efficiency, other people's USB 3.0 disk has been able to meet the use, but for users who do not require high transmission requirements, buy a USB 2.0 disk. As for the problem of capacity, it's always right to choose one size larger than usual.

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